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Frontend Engineer (17.Live) 前端工程師(17.Live)

Engineering · Taipei, Xinyi
Department Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

17 Media is the world leader in the live streaming industry and real-time content sharing mobile application for celebrities, entertainers, and influencers. We allow users to create and share their lives through live streams and photos, all while earning royalties.

We are a global company, with users in more than 50 countries. We offer a dynamic work environment, and an opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals and leading-edge technologies. As we rapidly expand across the world, we are looking for dedicated professionals to be a part of our family, to be part of our vision to be the global champion in live media and entertainment.


We are current hiring for Frontend Engineer professionals that will take part in:

  1. You will have to develop and maintain https://17.live , 17’s web version.
  2. You will be responsible to ensure that users have a great experience using both the web version and the app version of 17.live, allowing users to receive exclusive 17 content smoothly. 


You will be highly considered if you have the following experience:

  1. Familiar with JavaScript, CSS & HTML 
  2. Basic knowledge of Frontend techniques like AJAX, JSON, RESTful API, DevTools, etc 
  3. Experience using Frontend framework/ library 
  4. Good team work and communication skills 


Good to have:

  1. Good coding style 
  2. Familiar with and have good experience with testing 
  3. Cares about creating great user experiences 
  4. Familiar with cross-browser compatibility issue 
  5. Experience in developing Node.js-based application 
  6. Experience in version control system such as Git 
  7. Experience in code review and team working 
  8. Approximately 2 years of Web Frontend development experience 


The following are the techniques used by our current Frontend team (non-requirements): 

  1. ES2015+ 
  2. React 16.8+ 
  3. Redux 
  4. Redux-observable, redux-immutable 
  5. React-router v4+ 
  6. Storybook 
  7. Puppeteer
  8. Styled-components
  9. Jest、Enzyme、react-testing-library
  10. Webpack
  11. Node.js 


亞洲即時互動體龍頭17 Media秉持讓內容創作者發光發熱的使命,提供創作者影音平台進行直播互動、節目錄製與表演的舞台,更落實健全的系統化模式,從挖掘、培訓到宣傳,致力打破傳統經紀公司的模式,並攜手橫跨娛樂、網紅經紀等產業的合作夥伴,壯大海內外發展、布局全球,引領世界進入直播新媒體世代。


17 Media 歡迎對以下工作內容有興趣的 前端工程師 加入我們的大家庭!

  1. 開發與維護 https://17.live,17.live 是 17 的網頁版,負責在大螢幕上提供用戶更好的瀏覽體驗。
  2. 17.live 也提供手機版,負責讓用戶在下載 app 之前,能在手機的瀏覽器上搶先體驗 17 的內容。



  1. 熟悉 JavaScript、CSS 與 HTML
  2. 可運用基本前端技術如 AJAX, JSON, RESTful API, DevTools 等
  3. 前端 framework / library 的使用經驗
  4. 良好的團隊合作與溝通能力



  1. 良好的 coding style
  2. 良好的測試習慣與測試經驗
  3. Web 串流經驗
  4. 在乎做出良好的使用者經驗
  5. 熟悉跨瀏覽器的相容性問題
  6. 具 Node.js 實務開發經驗
  7. 熟悉操作版本控制系統如 git
  8. 多人協作經驗、執行 code review 的經驗
  9. 大約兩年 Web Frontend 的開發經驗



  1. ES2015+
  2. React 16.8+
  3. Redux
  4. redux-observable, redux-immutable
  5. react-router v4+
  6. storybook
  7. puppeteer
  8. styled-components
  9. Jest、Enzyme、react-testing-library
  10. webpack
  11. Node.js

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